V-Beam laser


What is a V-Beam laser

Vbeam perfecta laser is a pulsed dye laser delivering laser energy at a wavelength of 595nm. When treating the veins, high temperature causes the coagulation of the vessel which results in their reduction. When applied to an entire area of the skin, it has a photorejuvenation effect when, in addition to the reduction of the dilated vessels, new collagen is produced in the skin. After the treatment, the skin tightens progressively and small surface wrinkles are reduced. The photodynamic effect also decreases the incidence of Propionibacterium acnes, bacteria behind the problems of acne and folliculitis (minor superficial skin inflammation).

Who is a good candidate for the treatment

The V-Beam laser is intended for all who want to efficiently address such problems as e.g. dilated blood vessels, as well as general redness associated with rosacea (rosacea is a very common inflammatory skin disease of the face) and port wine stains (collection of abnormally formed capillaries). With a special handpiece tip, this type of laser can also be used to eliminate brown spots on the face, décolleté and on the back of the hands, as well as viral warts. 

Before the procedure

If you consider a treatment by the V-Beam laser, it is always necessary to undergo an initial consultation with a physician, unless you are a regular client of the GHC Dermatology or Plastic Surgery Department. The physician will examine you, evaluate the indication for the treatment and the skin condition, hear your expectations, recommend the most suitable course of action and suggest treatment alternatives, if available.

How is the treatment by the V-Beam laser performed

The procedure is performed at full consciousness in the dermatology surgery office. The treatment is carried out without anaesthesia; pain is alleviated by dynamic cooling (cryospray) during laser flashes. The client wears eye protection during the procedure. A nipping sensation during individual laser pulses can be experienced.

After the procedure

Immediately after the laser treatment, there may be eye sensitivity or irritation. Temporary swelling and redness in the treated area, bruising, exceptionally blistering or crusting and temporary darkening of the vein may occur. After the treatment of a vulgar wart, a blister and sensitivity (almost pain) are almost always present even for several days after the procedure. The healing of the above symptoms may take about 1 – 30 days, depending on the patient.

Length of procedure: 5 - 40 minutes
Length of hospitalisation: it is performed on a day case basis
Price: from 640 - 11,200 CZK (depending on the scope and number of pulses)
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