Mgr. Leona Roubková

Our specialists / Physiotherapist-masseur


2012 – 2014 Charles University, nav. Mgr., Physiotherapy
2008 – 2011 1st Faculty of Medicine, Bc., Physiotherapy
2006 – 2009 TUL, Bc., Sports management

Registered physiotherapist
Graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Charles University, specialising in physiotherapy
Certified instructor of physical activities with a focus on lifestyle diseases

Professional experience:

From 2/2017 till now: GHC Clinic Prague, physiotherapist
From 3/2016 to 01/2017: Alafia – RHB, s. r. o., physiotherapist
9/2013 to 5/2016 Centrum komplexní péče Sámova, s. r. o., (Comprehensive Care Centre), physiotherapist
2012 to 2014 Fitnessie, s. r. o., personal coach, physiotherapist
Since 2012: self-employed (provision of reconditioning and regeneration services, provision of physical education services)
2009 – 2013: VŠTJ Medicina Praha, o.s., Reconditioning Centre, instructor PA  (fitness, aerobic activities) for clients with a lifestyle disease

Training courses and certificates:

Modern Physio-training – CORE (PaeDr. Pavel Švejcar), 2017
Certificate for the practice of profession without professional supervision (2015), registered physiotherapist
Myofascial integration: Introduction to the Art and Science of Rolfing I and II (2015)
Functional Tape in Current Practice III (2014), instructor Mgr. Marek Král
Movement and stability II (2016), instructor Clara Lewitová
Form - Function - Facilitation I. (2014), instructor Mgr. Marek Král
About legs – Course in the field of physiotherapy of function by Clara Lewitová (2013)
Diagnostics and kinesiotherapy in idiopathic scoliosis (2013)
Instructor of physical activities focused on lifestyle diseases (2012) – a course accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports including 150 lessons of theory and practice in the field of anatomy, functional anatomy, general physiology and physiology of stress, lifestyle diseases, prescription of physical activity and sports training, nutrition and psychology, regeneration and physiotherapy
Kinesiotaping (2011)
Bosu Core Certificate (2009)
Aerobics Basic Certificate (2007)


Rudiments of a comprehensive psychosomatic approach VI (2015)
Psychosomatic Conference in Liberec (2014)


Mgr. Leona Roubková works as the GHC Clinic Prague as a physiotherapist and masseuse.

Performed procedures / treatments

Vanquish hips and waist