Main therapies

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

The GHC Clinic Prague focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various chronic complaints that usually take a great deal of time in state facilities.

We provide your clients with the possibility of joint diagnostic and treatment programs for e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome, locomotive system diseases or osteoporosis. When entering the program, all necessary tests and examinations are performed and their results are used to make a treatment plan that is explained to the client in detail. The patient who has to approve of the plan is provided enough time to ask any questions and express his/her concerns with regard to the disease or treatment. The program aims at healing the patient, if possible, or mitigating the health issues and improving the quality of life. Thanks to the cooperation of a wide range of different medical specialties “under one roof”, including invigorating treatment sessions in the hotel part of the facility, the diagnostic center of the GHC Clinic Prague can boast excellent results.

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