Diagnosis and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome

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What is chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the attributes of our time. It is a long-term disease caused by a variety of factors. The pivotal role by its development is played by a virus infection. High professional responsibility and long-term mental and physical overexertion, stress and inability to relax are among the risk factors. The developed chronic fatigue syndrome reduces mental and physical productivity by more than 50%.

Who should undergo the treatment

A large portion of the population suffers from tiredness; however, only 2-3% comply with the criteria of chronic fatigue syndrome. The majority of diagnosed cases are women aged 25-45 years.

Possible symptoms:

  • Increased body temperature (37.3-38°C)
  • Sore throat with redness
  • Sensitive enlarged lymph nodes
  • Inexplicable generalized muscle fatigue and muscle pain
  • Usually generalized, tension headache that differs from usual migraines
  • Migrating joint pain, with no accompanying inflammation
  • Sleeping disorders when sleep doesn´t help to recover
  • Tendency for irritation, photophobia, poor concentration, memory and abstraction impairment
  • Emotional imbalance, emotional dullness, irritation, depression, fearfulness
  • Inability to cope with emotional and physiological stress.


Possible causes:

  • Infectious
  • Mental
  • Endocrinological
  • Neurological

Before the procedure

If you have a suspicion that you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or have some of the above-mentioned symptoms you can just contact our client center at: ghc@ghc.cz where an appointment for an initial internal medicine consultation with the GHC Clinic Prague specialist will be arranged for you. This targeted consultation will provide a plan of further examinations and assessment comprised of:

  • Clinical examinations
  • Laboratory tests
  • Imaging examinations.

How is the examination performed

All proposed examinations will be performed in one day which will be adapted to your time schedule. It also enables us to receive and at the same time assess comprehensive information on our client´s health.

After the procedure

Based on the analysis of examination results, the client is proposed a treatment plan to overcome chronic fatigue and its causes.

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