Infusion therapy

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Do you suffer from long-term exhaustion, reduced physical activity, memory failure and no sexual desire? Or is it musculoskeletal pain, back or joint pain that bothers you in everyday life and limit you during sports?

Outpatient infusion therapy is a quick and effective method of providing the body with agents that are important for body metabolism - vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements...”No time” is the mantra of our days; therefore, the GHC Clinic Prague provides a possibility to “kick-start” and rejuvenate your body in 1.5-3.5 hours. After a short initial consultation, you may have an i.v. line with necessary elements applied in complete privacy by the internal medicine specialist and then just go on with your private schedule. Using infusion therapy in an outpatient setting, it is possible to deal with a large number of common but very unpleasant and bothering complaints such as:

Body dehydration and demineralization 1.850 CZK
Vitamin C insufficiency 1.200 - 1.600 CZK
Vitamin D insufficiency 1.250 CZK
Back pain 1.450 CZK
Various kinds of pain 1.400 CZK
Tinnitus 1.150 CZK
Cognitive deficit 3.400 CZK
Narrowed vessels 1.300 CZK
Initial internal medicine consultation 700 CZK


In case you have an infusion therapy on the day of an initial consultation, the cost of the consultation will be deducted.

All infusion therapies can also be performed under regimen of revitalization hospitalization. (in hotel-type rooms according to the internist's recommendation).

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