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Comprehensive Screening Program

20 examinations ● 1 day ● 1 location

The Comprehensive Screening Program is a set of examinations serving to diagnose diseases before clinical symptoms become visible, is suitable for all those who want to take control over their health and to live high-quality lives as long as possible.


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Infusion therapy

treatment and prevention
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Naši specialisté

The highest standards for over 25 years

GHC Prague is a private health clinic founded in 1996, located in beautiful premises in the heart of Prague. Equipped with modern, state-of-the-art medical technology, our clinic boasts a traditional interior décor, dominated by a large atrium with a fountain and garden with live trees, and discreet entrances to individual doctor’s offices. We have above-standard amenity beds for clients after operations, and hotel-type rooms for clients on infusion stays, all under the constant supervision of a doctor and specialized medical staff.

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