MUDr. Jana Ugrenovičová

Our specialists / Dentist


MUDr. Jana Ugrenovičová graduated from the Dental Faculty of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bukarest.


MUDr. Jana Ugrenovičová worked for the Research Dental Institute in Prague at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Within her private practice, MUDr. Jana Ugrenovičová had her own surgery, was employed by a private medical facility Sanus and currently she has been working for GHC Clinic in Prague.

Specialised diploma:

First degree specialised diploma in general dentistry
Second degree specialised diploma in dental prosthesis


General dentist
Doctor - teacher

Membership in professional associations:

MUDr. Jana Ugrenovičová is a member of the Czech Dental Chamber.


MUDr. Jana Ugrenovičová works as a dentist at GHC Clinic in Prague.