MUDr. Karel Bulíř

Our specialists / Internist


MUDr. Karel Bulíř graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague.

Professional experience:

MUDr. Bulíř worked first at IKEM, in the radiodiagnostics and interventional radiology division. During his career, he served in a number of positions. Since 1995, he has been working as a physician of the inpatient department, medical emergency services and outpatient office in the Institute of Rheumatology at Slup, a physician at On-line24 s.r.o., a private outpatient clinic, the Department of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy of the Thomayer Hospital, rheumatology outpatient office at Arthrocentre, Lékařský dům a.s, the Na Homolce, Homolka Hospital, Homolka premium care, a.s., Medical Guide, s.r.o. and, since 2016, he has been working at the GHC Clinic Prague as a rheumatologist and internist.

Board certification:

Internal Medicine First degree
General Medicine First degree
Rheumatology, subchapter rheumatology

Czech Medical Chamber (CMC) Licence:

Internal Medicine First degree
General Medicine First degree
Rheumatology, subchapter rheumatology

Certificate of the Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education, functional licences:

  • Diabetological care for the specialty of general medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Palliative medicine for general practitioners
  • Articular sonography

Participation in trainings and courses.


  • Bulíř K., Pavelka K. Incidence of NSAID gastropathy in patients receiving NSAID on a long-term basis. Czech Rheumatology 1996; 4: 173-8.
  • Urbánek P., Jančová E., Bulíř K., Procházková-Francisci E., Vedralová J., Stříteský J., Stejskalová A., Honsová E., Brůha R., Mareček Z., Tesař V., Pavelka K. Mixed cryoglobulinemia in chronic hepatitis C virus infection and its clinical manifestations. Czech and Slovak gastroenterology and hepatology 2005; 59(4): 181-187.


Papers and other activities:

  • Clinical seminar of the Institute of Rheumatology. The effect of misoprostol in NSAID gastropathy.
  • Třeboň Rheumatology Days.  Bulíř K., Bardfeld R., Tesařová P.  Autoimmune leucopenia in a patient with JCA HLA B 27+.
  • Clinical Conference of the Society for Rheumatology. Urbanová Z., Gatterová J., Bulíř K.  Baker's cyst.
  • Clinical seminar at the First Internal Medicine Clinic of the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. Current pharmacotherapy in rheumatology.
  • Třeboň Rheumatology Days. Bulíř K., Bardfeld R., Marková M., Jedličková A. Severe haematological affection in JCA. Macrolide therapy.
  • Czech Television, CT1 – Talk show “Examination Methods in Rheumatology”


At the GHC Clinic Prague, MUDr. Karel Bulíř works as a rheumatologist and internist.