Targeted screening examination

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention / Diagnostic programs

What is a targeted screening examination

A targeted screening examination provides the possibility to make up an individual set of examinations and assessment of affected organs or in case a certain specific disease is suspected. The advantage of the targeted screening examination in the GHC Clinic Prague is that it can be performed in the facility in a very short period of time. The results of all necessary tests are completed and assessment by the treating physician - an internal medicine specialist - who makes a comprehensive diagnosis based on the available results is made.

Who should undergo the targeted screening examination

The targeted screening examination is suitable for all those who want to take control over their health and to live high-quality lives as long as possible. The speed and effectiveness of the examination will be appreciated especially by very busy people who put off health checks because they are unable to lose their time in waiting rooms waiting for individual examinations. Also, the level of responsibility is lower as the client doesn´t need to make appointments with specialists, accept long waiting times, provide findings and previous suspicions to individual physicians and seek possible links between them.

Before the procedure

If you are interested in our targeted screening examination just contact our client center at ghc@ghc.cz to make an appointment. You will also receive information on the initial internal medicine consultation and other details. The scope and plan of the targeted screening examination, including the price offer, will be provided following the initial consultation.

After the procedure

After the assessment of all tests, a final report containing the results and recommendations for the client is presented during the final consultation. Should a disease or an increased risk of a disease be found the physician will recommend and plan a targeted treatment or prevention, including any other necessary examinations in order to prevent the development of complications.