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Do you suffer from chronic pain of the back, neck or other parts of the musculoskeletal system? Do you need to relax muscle tension after major physical strain or you just wish some peace and quiet and treat yourself to a relaxing massage? Do not hesitate and book your massage at 222 211 206 or 208.

Physiotherapy is a part of comprehensive rehabilitation dealing with diagnostics, treatment and prevention of locomotor system disorders. We lay emphasis on linking all these segments in the GHC Clinic Prague. The therapist chooses the right treatment approach from a wide range of methods based on specific client´s needs. These approaches are based first of all on knowledge of anatomy physiology and biomechanics.

The primary aim of physiotherapy is to treat functional disorders of the locomotor system, such as joint blockages, muscle spasms, chronic disorders, degenerative vertebral changes (lifestyle diseases) and others, using knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the locomotor system.

The main diagnostic, as well as therapeutic “tool” is the therapist´s hand. In our facility, we focus not only on physiotherapy but provide also classical, sports, aromatherapy and other types of massages.

If your back hurts from sitting at a computer, you have strained muscles from sports or other physical activities, or you just want to unwind and relax, we recommend using some of our services.






Kinesiology assessment (initial consultation, examination, initial therapy)

1 500 CZK

Post-op rehabilitation 30 minutes

550 CZK

Individual therapy 15 minutes

350 CZK

Individual therapy 30 minutes

600 CZK

Individual therapy 60 minutes

1 100 CZK

Physiotherapist consultation 30 minutes

350 CZK

Professional treatment of soft tissues (consultation, examination, treatment) 30 minutes

550 CZK



Personal physiotherapy training 60 minutes

1 100 CZK

Kinesio taping


1 cm of kinesiology tape


Kinesio taping (segmental taping) 30 minutes

300 CZK

Physical therapy


Electrotherapy 15 minutes

200 CZK

Electrotherapy 30 minutes

360 CZK

Ultrasound 15 minutes

300 CZK

Ultrasound 30 minutes

450 CZK

Bio lamp Bioptron 10 minutes

300 CZK

Laser 5 minutes

200 CZK


Wellness massages


Head and neck massage 20 minutes

420 CZK

Head and neck massage 30 minutes

600 CZK

Sports back massage 30 minutes

700 CZK

Head and neck massage 40 minutes

750 CZK


Classic chest massage 20 minutes

300 CZK

Sports chest massage 20 minutes

350 CZK


Classic abdominal massage 20 minutes

300 CZK

Sports abdominal massage 20 minutes

350 CZK


Classic lumbar massage 20 minutes

300 CZK


Classic hand massage 30 min.

500 CZK

Sports hand massage 30 min.

600 CZK


Classic leg massage 30 minutes

500 CZk

Sports leg massage 30 minutes

600 CZK

Classic facial massage 20 min.

400 CZK

Anti-stress facial massage 20 min. 500 CZK

Classical, sports, relaxation, aromatherapy massage 60 minutes

1 000 CZK

Detoxicating honey massage 3 x 20 minutes

1 200 CZK

Relaxing aromatic body massage 70 minutes

1 300 CZK

Therapeutic massage, including reflexology massage 90 minutes

1 600 CZK

Classic massage, sports, relaxation, aroma 120 minutes

2 200 CZK


Lymphatic drainage


Lymfoven drainage 60 minutes

650 CZK

Lymfoven drainage 60 minutes - 10 sessions

4 500 CZK

Wellness Balneo


Hydrojet 20 minutes

300 CZK

Hydrojet 10 minutes

150 CZK

Peat peloid packs 20 minutes

300 CZK

Cupping therapy 30 minutes

600 CZK

Lava stone massage 60 minutes

1 950 CZK



Whirlpool bath (ETH tub) 30 minutes

400 CZK

Pearl bath (Caracalla tub) 30 minutes

500 CZK

Pearl bath “AROMA” (Caracalla tub) 30 minutes

600 CZK

Salt bath (Caracalla tub) 30 minutes

600 CZK

Carbon dioxide bath (ETH tub) and a peat peloid pack 60 minutes

1 500 CZK

Underwater massage (ETH tub) 30 minutes

500 CZK

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