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What is a circumcision

Circumcision is a minor surgical procedure in which the foreskin – a skin fold that covers the glans penis – is removed. As a result, it remains permanently exposed.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure

This surgery is performed not only for aesthetic and functional reasons but primarily as a preventive measure against a possible development of penile cancer in case of poor hygiene of the foreskin pouch when it is impossible or difficult to pull back the foreskin. Worldwide, about a quarter of all men are circumcised. However, in various parts and countries of the world this proportion varies.

Before the procedure

During the pre-operative assessment, the physician will explain the surgery technique and the type of anaesthesia; you will also be informed about the possible risks associated with the surgery. During the consultation you can ask any questions, in particular those related to the course of the surgery, as well as your expectations and concerns.

When making a binding appointment, you will be given and explained instructions on how to prepare for the procedure, as well as information regarding eating, drinking, smoking and taking or withdrawing from certain medications. Compliance with all these instructions is necessary and will facilitate a smooth procedure and seamless healing after the circumcision.

How is the circumcision performed

The procedure is usually conducted under local anaesthesia on a day case basis. It involves the removal of the external as well as the internal foreskin lamina and their suture.

After the procedure

On the first day after circumcision, rest in bed is recommended. After removing the dressing, bathing the penis in chamomile is recommended. Sexual abstinence until the wound it healed. In case of increased friction with underwear, discomfort can persist individually for an extended period of time.

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Branch of procedure: plastic surgery/urology
Length of procedure: 20 - 30 minutes
Length of hospitalisation: conducted on a day case basis
Longevity of procedure results: permanent
Price: 9.900 CZK
Example of price estimate
The price includes a surgery procedur and local anesthesia for 2 hours.
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