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What is an abdominoplasty

It is an extended surgical procedure used to make the abdomen flatter by removing excess skin and fat and by tightening abdominal wall muscles. Abdominoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of flabby or protruding abdomen. 

Who is a good candidate for the procedure

The abdominal wall mostly stretches as a result of significant change in weight. In cases of a stretched abdominal wall, not even hundreds of hours in the gym can help to solve the problem. In case of abdominal separation, i.e. diastasis recti, excessive strengthening of abdominal muscles without consulting a specialist may even make the problem worse. 

Before the procedure

If you consider abdominoplasty, it is always necessary to undergo a non-binding initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, who will assess whether the procedure is right for you. You will be explained the surgery technique and the type of anaesthesia; you will also be informed about the possible risks associated with the surgery. During the consultation you can ask any questions, in particular those related to the course of the surgery, as well as your expectations and concerns about the abdominoplasty results.

When making a binding appointment, you will be given and explained instructions on how to prepare for the procedure, as well as information regarding eating, drinking, smoking and taking or withdrawing from certain medications. Compliance with all these instructions is necessary and will facilitate a smooth procedure and seamless healing after the abdominoplasty.

How is abdominoplasty performed

By an incision above the pubic area, the skin is detached from hip to hip. After the skin is stretched down, its excess is removed. By another incision, the navel is freed and, after the skin is stretched, it is repositioned. Together with the removal of flabby skin, it is possible to get rid of unsightly stretch marks in the lower part of the abdomen.  If necessary, abdominoplasty can be combined with a treatment of flabby or separated abdominal muscles, as it provides a very easy access to the muscles of the abdominal wall which then can be tightened and sutured together.

If the problem of excess skin only involves the lower abdomen and not the area above the belly button, only the problematic part of the skin is removed by an incision in the lower abdomen without repositioning the belly button. This procedure is referred to as mini-abdominoplasty and the resulting scar is usually shorter.

After the procedure

After abdominoplasty, you may temporarily experience bruises, swelling, numbness, itching and pain. Early physiotherapy on the bed and out of the bed is recommended. Perform pressure massage and lymphatic drainage daily for 3 weeks after the procedure. Apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin of the surgery area. Wear an elastic girdle 24 hours a day for 14 days, then at least 12 hours a day until the swelling is fully resolved which takes 3 – 4 months. Based on the check-up, the stitches will be removed 6 – 10 days after the surgery. After an abdominoplasty, return to normal activity is usually possible within 2 – 3 weeks. Avoid physical activity for 2 – 3 months after the surgery.

Branch of procedure: plastic surgery
Length of procedure: 2 - 3 hours
Length of hospitalisation: 3 - 4 days
Longevity of procedure results: permanent
Price: from 40.700 CZK
Example of price estimate

The price depends on the scope and complexity of the procedure and it includes the following:

  • Consultation with plastic surgeon: deducted if the procedure is undergone
  • Comprehensive preoperative evaluation
  • General anaesthesia: 2 – 3 hrs
  • Surgery procedure
  • Bandage
  • Postoperative stay at the Clinic (3 – 4 days)
  • Postoperative care package
  • Postoperative physiotherapy


The price only includes services as shown above. If a combination of procedures is necessary, based on the initial consultation, the Clinic will present and explain a proposed scope of the intervention including a price plan.

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