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Are you tired of shaving again and again but at the same time you want to get rid of hairs? Do you develop bumps or ingrown hairs after shaving? You do not want only surface regeneration?

In such a case, we offer a solution that will eliminate the hairs and even wrinkles in a comfortable manner. Selective photothermolysis will heat up the tissue containing pigment, causing the destruction of the hair follicle and an improvement of collagen fibres. As it is possible to optimally set the flash parameters, no skin burn occur. In several sessions (the number of sessions varies from one client to another), a permanent removal of a cosmetic defect or hair can be achieved.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is the latest technology which uses the beneficial action of light rays on the skin and subcutis. A high intensity flash of light penetrates the skin and is first absorbed by the skin pigment and hair follicles.

In our GHC beauty parlour, two types of IPL treatment are offered:

  • PHOTOEPILATION – Very significant reduction of unwanted hairs

  • PHOTOREJUVENATION – Skin rejuvenation. The skin becomes firmer and the wrinkles are smoothed by 40 – 60%



  • pregnancy
  • high blood pressure
  • extremely dark, tanned skin or skin after a fresh tan
  • blood clotting disorders
  • open wounds
  • epilepsy, cancer
  • treated cardiovascular diseases, pacemaker
  • taking medications causing photosensitivity


Restrictions: Sunbathing and use of photosensitive drugs, antibiotics, exfoliating creams – AHA acids are prohibited 14 days before treatment.

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Price: 600 - 7.000 CZK (depending on the body part)

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