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What is a Hydra-Clinic

Quench your skin´s “thirst”

Skin is a tremendous water reservoir – it contains 20% of all water that is found in the human body. Ageing, the environment, pollution, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle and repeated exposure to the sun are all factors that damage the skin on a daily basis and disturb the hydration mechanism. As a result, your skin loses its elasticity, tends to crack, forms fine wrinkles and loses its smooth and velvety texture.

The HYDRA CLINIC range includes 4 innovative natural substances that act on the natural mechanisms of the skin and, along with other rare plant extracts, intensely and deeply moisturizes the skin, as well as powerfully nourishes and regenerates it.

Hydra Clinic comprises inter alia an extract of Onopordum Acanthium renowned for its properties in treating burns.

How is the Hydra Clinic cosmetic treatment performed?

First, a thorough and gentle cleansing of the eye area, entire face, neck and décolleté is performed. This is followed by a peel according to skin type and by the application of a hydrostimulating serum along with a lymphatic drainage massage. After that, a hydrating serum is applied and a finger pressure massage is carried out. A repair serum is applied and a long and relaxing massage is performed. Following the completion of these treatments, a mask based on a skin type and an alginate texture mask are applied. The entire ritual ends with the application of a moisturising cream and a light massage.

Main active ingredients






Other active substances

Lotus and water lily extract – Softening and moisturizing effect

Pitaya extract – Rich in vitamins C and E

Tamarillo extract – Rich in vitamin C, toning, moisturizing and firming effect

Melon extract – Rich in vitamins A, B, C, revitalizing

Marula, pistachio and argan oil – Repairing, rich in EFAs,

Grape extract – Anti-free radical

Cranberry extract – Antioxidant

Cucumber extract – Revitalising and moisturising effect 

Kokum butter – Regenerating, repairing effect

Polynesian lagoon water – Rich in minerals and trace elements

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 2 hours
Price: 2.200 CZK

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