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What is a PermaLip

PermaLip is a surgical procedure for lip augmentation to the desired size by means of a silicone implant.

Compared to lip augmentation using your own fat or hyaluronic fillers, this method provides three key benefits:

  • Stability of the shape of the implant: the implant is shaped as your lips require and does not change after insertion
  • Durability: a silicone implant has a considerably longer durability than injection methods; it is implanted permanently
  • Reversibility: if, for any reason, you wish to restore the original shape of your lips, the implant can be removed at any time 

Who is a good candidate for the procedure

Maybe Mother Nature was somewhat mean to you and endowed you with lips which are too thin and unattractive. However, the size, width and fullness of the lips significantly affect the attractiveness of a woman's face. Even in women who were satisfied with their lips so far, aging, sagging and shrinking of the lips take place after the age of 40. If you desire full and seductive lips, lip plastic surgery is right for you.

Before the procedure

If you consider a surgical lip augmentation, it is always necessary to undergo a non-binding initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, who will assess whether the procedure is right for you, explain the technique of the surgery, the type of anaesthesia, as well as the possible risks associated with the surgery. During the consultation you can ask any questions, in particular those related to the course of the surgery, as well as your expectations and concerns about the PermaLip results.

When making a binding appointment, you will be given and explained instructions on how to prepare for the procedure, as well as information regarding eating, drinking, smoking and taking or withdrawing from certain medications. Compliance with all these instructions is necessary and will facilitate a smooth procedure and seamless healing of the surgical lip augmentation.

How is PermaLip performed

PermaLip is performed under local anaesthesia. First, the surgeon makes a small incision in each corner of the mouth. Then, by means of a special "tunnelling instrument", he or she inserts a silicone implant specially designed for lip augmentation into the lip and sutures the small incisions in the corners.

After the procedure

After surgical lip augmentation, there are stitches on the inside of the lips. Swelling and bruises can persist for a week. Apply ice packs on the lip. For 3 days, soft diet is recommended. After a meal, rinse your mouth with chamomile solution or water. Return to normal activity is usually possible within 10 – 14 days; the swelling may even take several weeks to disappear completely; the stitches are removed 10 – 12 days after lip augmentation.

I am interested in
Branch of procedure: plastic surgery
Length of procedure: 1 hours
Length of hospitalisation: usually conducted on a day case basis
Longevity of procedure results: permanent
Price: 1 lip/25.450 CZK – 2 lips/40.450 CZK
Example of price estimate

The price shown already includes: 

  • Consultation with plastic surgeon: deducted if the procedure is undergone
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Surgery procedure 
  • Implant

The price only includes services as shown above. If a combination of procedures is necessary, based on the initial consultation, the Clinic will present and explain a proposed scope of the intervention including a price plan.

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