What is the Algeness dermal filler

It is historically the first ever 100% natural dermal filler: Biocompatible and biodegradable, based on agar and manufactured by AAT in the United States. Agarose along with agaropectin are the two main constituents of agar which is manufactured from the red seaweeds of the Floridae and Gelidium genera. Agar has a high gelling ability, so it is highly suitable for shaping and filling.

MUDr. Jana Eftimovská, doctor in aesthetic dermatology, serves as an instructor of this method, therefore the GHC Clinic Prague is the first clinic in the Czech Republic to offer its clients a treatment with the Algeness fillers.

Benefits of agar fillers compared with the Hyaluronic Acid fillers:

  • It is 100% natural – it does not contain cross-linked synthetic chemicals associated with Hyaluronic Acid fillers
  • Immediate volumising – WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET
  • Long lasting results proven by clinical studies
  • It is totally non allergenic and offers excellent tolerability
  • Extremely low migration – it will stay in place and with a desired shape!

Who are the fillers intended for

The Algeness dermal filler is intended for shaping the chin and the jaw line and for the filling of the nasolabial fold, the area around the mouth, the cheeks, the lips and the eye contour area. In particular, it is ideal for shaping the nose itself.

Before the Procedure

If you consider the application of the Algeness dermal filler, it is always necessary to undergo an initial consultation with a physician, unless you are a regular client of the GHC Dermatology Department. The dermatologist will examine you, evaluate the indication for the filler application and your skin condition, hear your expectations, recommend the most suitable course of action and suggest treatment alternatives, if available.

How is the application of the Algeness filler performed

The application of the Algeness filler is performed by injections in a doctor's office, usually without local anaesthesia. In some sensitive areas, a numbing cream can be applied; around lips, an injectable anaesthetic may be used locally.

After the procedure

After filler application, a visible effect is obtained immediately. However, at the same time, mild swelling occurs which slightly masks this effect. The swelling is usually absorbed within approximately 1 to 2 days depending on the amount of the applied material and the treatment site.

Length of hospitalisation: it is performed on a day case basis
Price: 8.300 - 9.400 CZK/ 1,4ml

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