What is a skinbooster

It is a method that allows in-depth hydration and rejuvenation of the skin structure. Skinbooster is unique in several ways. Hydration takes place by (cross-linked) concentrated hyaluronic acid that is more resistant to human hyaluronidase and thus has a longer lifetime in the tissue. Replenishing applications are performed at up to three times longer intervals compared to classical mesotherapy which uses non-concentrated hyaluronic acid gels.

Who is a good candidate for the treatment

The treatment is intended for everyone who wants to effectively fight the signs of ageing and wish to have a hydrated and youthful face.

Before the Procedure

If you consider the application of the skinbooster, it is always necessary to undergo an initial consultation with a physician, unless you are a regular client of the GHC Dermatology Department. The dermatologist will examine you, evaluate the indication for its application and the skin condition, hear your expectations, recommend the most suitable course of action and suggest treatment alternatives, if available.

How is the application performed

The procedure is conducted in the doctor's office on a day case basis. The injection is performed by thin cannulae which allow to treat an area with a diameter of around 4cm and which spare blood vessels. This makes it possible to treat the entire face or décolleté from 2 to 3 injection sites which minimises the trauma to the skin and almost eliminates the occurrence of bruises. Other ways of application are also possible, depending on the condition. The gel itself contains an anaesthetic, so the application itself is painless; moreover, the treatment is performed while using a numbing cream and the Coolsens numbing cooling stick when a puncture is made, into which a blunt tip cannula is then inserted. After the procedure, you will not be excluded from social life, but temporary and unobtrusive swelling or bruises may occur even when cannulae are used. Your skin will be significantly rejuvenated, firmer, softer and more elastic.

After the procedure

After the procedure you will not be excluded from social life; your skin will be significantly rejuvenated, firmer, softer and more elastic. This treatment leading to skin rejuvenation consists of three sessions taking place approximately one month apart. To maintain the effect, it is recommended to repeat the treatment after about six months.