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What is a sleep monitoring

It involves instrument-aided monitoring during the sleep to reveal the causes of snoring and insomnia and, in particular, to rule out sleep apnoea. It is a frequent and serious condition when, during the sleep, the patient virtually stops breathing. Then the patient partially wakes up and starts breathing again. Thus, during the night, the supply of oxygen is limited and the sleep is disturbed, resulting in increasing fatigue of the patient and gradual deterioration of his or her general state of health. This condition is accompanied by loud snoring.

Who is a good candidate for the monitoring

Sleep monitoring is intended for everyone who wants to be sure that they do not suffer from apnoea. However, it is especially recommended to clients who snore loudly, other persons notice their interrupted breathing at night, patients who wake up often at night and are breathless after waking up, as well as suffer from headaches and increased fatigue during the day combined with impaired attention. These are common symptoms of sleep apnoea.

Before the monitoring

If you are interested in sleep monitoring at the GHC Clinic Prague, simply send the following order form or send an email to the address ghc@ghc.cz with a binding or non-binding inquiry. You will be contacted by our client centre to arrange an appointment at your convenience. At the agreed date, you will simply arrive at the Clinic. Please note that you should not take any alcohol or narcotics before the monitoring. These substances affect the quality of sleep and invalidate the test results.

How is sleep monitoring performed

You will arrive at our Clinic on the agreed date. After arrival, you will be accommodated in a hotel-type ensuite room with a TV set and WIFI which provides absolute privacy and comfort. You will be served a dinner. You will undergo an initial consultation with the physician who will thoroughly explain the entire process and you will have room for any questions, in particular those related to the course of the monitoring, your expectations and concerns. At a time when you normally fall asleep or at an agreed time, a sleep monitoring device will be strapped to your chest in a way that does not prevent you to move or disturb your sleep. Several sensors will be placed on your body. During the night, you will be checked regularly by the medical staff (without interruption of sleep) to make sure that the device is still properly attached and that the required data are collected.

After the monitoring

After waking up and before leaving the clinic, the Client will be informed about the incidence of sleep apnoea, if any. If the monitoring was indicated because of snoring and sleep apnoea has not been confirmed, elimination of snoring by means of surgery may be (after a ENT examination) performed. In case of incidence of the sleep apnoea, an ENT specialist will, in cooperation with an internal medicine specialist, present a treatment plan that will be explained in detail to the client to be endorsed by him or her.

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Length of hospitalisation: 1 night
Price: 4.500 CUK

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