Nutritional consultations

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Do you want to lose weight and look better, feel better and be full of energy? You have read a score of articles and have the feeling that you know what to eat but there is no positive effect? You have tried many different diets but your efforts ended up in a yo-yo effect? Or do you need to be pushed to find strength and motivation for the change?

We will be glad to help, advise and support you on your path to reach a better life. Healthy loss of weight means losing fat and maintaining or increasing muscle. It is also important that your diet has a sufficient amount of all macronutrients, minerals and vitamins so that your body can function well. Poor diet may lead to pathological changes that you might not relate to nutrition at all. Eating should be a joyful experience, not a stress factor.

Initial consultation (30 minutes) 700 CZK
Nutritional counseling - dietary regimen and 2 consultations 5.500 CZK
Nutritional counseling - further consultation 60 minutes 950 CZK
Nutritional counseling - further consultation 30 minutes 500 CZK
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