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What does endoscopy in plastic surgery mean

In the field of plastic surgery, the progressive improvement of imaging methods, including optics and instruments, over the last two decades allows, inter alia, creating an optical space by means of a minimally invasive procedure via a small surgical wound for surgeries in locations which do not contain a cavity naturally. In addition to reducing the surgical load and shortening the recovery period, endoscopy brings an additional significant advantage to aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery which consists in reducing externally visible scars.

What are the advantages of endoscopy then

  • Reduction of postoperative pain
  • Fewer early complications (infections, haematoma)
  • Faster healing and shorter stay at the Clinic
  • Less physiotherapy with a quick return to normal life
  • Reduction of scars and their location in less visible places

What procedures can be performed in this method

The face:

  • Front lift
  • Brow lift
  • Facelift
  • Neck lift
  • Nasal patency surgery
  • Glabellar frown lines


The body:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Breasts augmentation


The front lift is one of the procedures which have undergone a major change. A relatively frequent defect, the sagging of the upper area of the face – an excess of loose skin, was often left unaddressed deliberately for fear of hair loss or it was corrected by excisions above the eyebrows, which did not pose any risk to hair density but caused unsightly scars. Minimum insertion sites used in endoscopy with no damage to the hair follicles and the conservation of almost the entire vascularisation eliminate the risk of hair loss while short scars are placed in the scalp.

In abdominoplasty, endoscopy offers a totally incomparable outcome in comparison with the traditional procedure with a large transverse scar. In this manner, via an umbilical scar together with a small insertion site in the public area, it is possible to strengthen musculus rectus abdominis (the suture of the diastasis), to remove fat from the subcutis (liposuction) and, at the same time, to remove excessive skin. Due to endoscopy, the surgeon achieves excellent results in abdominoplasty at minimum cost, a shorter procedure and a significantly faster recovery process.

In breast augmentation by implants, endoscopy extended the possibility of using remote insertion sites through the armpit or umbilical scar. 

However, it must be emphasized that only a realistic indication, a well-mastered surgical technique and dexterity, together with high-quality equipment can offer a real benefit both to the client and the surgeon.

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