Breast augmentation by implants

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What is a breast augmentation

Breast augmentation means breast enlargement by means of implants. At the GHC Clinic, you can choose Polytech or Motiva breast implants.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure

Most women wish they had bigger, full and identically shaped breasts but not every woman is so endowed by Mother Nature. Over time, the aesthetic appearance of the breasts is also affected by a loss of skin elasticity, breastfeeding and weight loss. If you are not satisfied with the size or shape of your breasts, augmentation may be the solution for you.

Before the procedure

If you consider breast augmentation, it is always necessary to undergo a non-binding initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, who will assess whether the procedure is right for you. He or she will explain the technique and the incision location, customise the implant size, explain the differences between the breast implant types and the ways of inserting them. You will be informed about the type of anaesthesia, as well as about the possible risks associated with the surgery. During the consultation you can ask any questions, in particular those related to the course of the surgery, as well as your expectations and concerns about the augmentation results.

When making a binding appointment, you will be given and explained instructions on how to prepare for the procedure, as well as information regarding eating, drinking, smoking and taking or withdrawing from certain medications. Compliance with all these instructions is necessary and will facilitate a smooth procedure and seamless healing after the breast augmentation.

How is augmentation performed

Before a plastic surgery of the breasts, it is necessary, among other things, to exclude any disease by medical ultrasound or mammography depending on the age of the patient. Breast augmentation with implants is performed under general anaesthesia.  The insertion is done through an incision made either in the inframammary crease, in the dark skin around the nipple or in the armpit. The insertion and placement of the implant will depend on the anatomy of the patient and the recommendation of the plastic surgeon. After that a pocket is created into which the implant is inserted.

After the procedure

You will probably feel pain for several days after the surgery. The pain is stronger when the implant is inserted under the muscle. You will take pain-killers (analgesics) for two to five days after the plastic surgery. The pain gradually subsides. Stitches are removed during a check-up seven to ten days after the plastic surgery of the breasts.
It is recommended to wear an elastic bra for a period to be determined by the surgeon. It is usually worn for 4 – 8 weeks. You can resume your daily routine and perform light housekeeping in 10 to 14 days. Routine checks take place after 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. A check-up including ultrasound is conducted after 10 years. The ultrasound examination is then repeated every five years

Branch of procedure: plastic surgery
Length of procedure: 1 - 2 hours
Length of hospitalisation: 2 - 3 days
Longevity of procedure results: 10 years
Price: from 85.400 CZK
Example of price estimate

The price depends on the scope and complexity of the procedure and it includes the following:

  • Consultation with plastic surgeon: deducted if the procedure is undergone
  • Comprehensive preoperative evaluation
  • Medical ultrasound of the breasts
  • General anaesthesia: 1 – 2 hrs
  • Surgery procedure
  • Compression Postoperative bra
  • Selected certified breast implants
  • Postoperative stay at the Clinic (2 – 3 days)
  • Postoperative care package
  • Postoperative physiotherapy

The price only includes services as shown above. If a combination of procedures is necessary, based on the initial consultation, the Clinic will present and explain a proposed scope of the intervention including a price plan.

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