Correction of inverted nipples

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What is a correction of inverted nipples

It is a short surgical procedure aimed at the correction of inverted nipples when this is an issue because of nipple appearance or function. 

Who is a good candidate for the procedure

Inverted nipples most often occur as a result of short lactiferous ducts that prevent protrusion. They may be congenital but may also develop in the course of life as a result of certain breast surgeries or inflammatory or neoplastic breast diseases. Therefore, it is always necessary to carefully examine your breasts. Inverted nipples are not only a cosmetic defect but also a functional defect because they can make breastfeeding difficult or even prevent it. They may occur on one or both sides.

Before the procedure

If you consider inverted nipple surgery, it is always necessary to undergo a non-binding initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, who will assess whether the procedure is right for you. You will be thoroughly explained the surgery technique and the type of anaesthesia; you will also be informed about the possible risks associated with the surgery. During the consultation you can ask any questions, in particular those related to the course of the surgery, as well as your expectations and concerns about the nipple surgery results.

When making a binding appointment, you will be given and explained instructions on how to prepare for the procedure, as well as information regarding eating, drinking, smoking and taking or withdrawing from certain medications. Compliance with all these instructions is necessary and will facilitate a smooth procedure and seamless healing after it.

How is correction of inverted nipples performed

In a mild form of inversion, the nipple is released from its position in the areola. The procedure takes place on a day case basis under local anaesthesia.

In severe forms, the only 100% effective method involves an interruption of lactiferous ducts. Although the surgery leads to the cosmetic correction, it affects the function of the ducts and consequently breastfeeding is no longer possible.

After the procedure

During recovery after surgical correction of inverted nipples, it is recommended to lie down on your back. Apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin of the surgery area and wear special underwear 24 hours a day for 14 days. After the surgical wound is healed, perform pressure massage and pull out the nipple daily for three months after the surgery. Return to normal activity is usually possible within 1 – 2 weeks; exposure of the upper half of the body and the breast muscles to full physical activity is possible after 2 – 3 weeks. Scars fade out in a few months. Based on the check-up, the stitches will be removed 6 – 14 days after the surgery. 

Branch of procedure: plastic surgery
Length of procedure: 1 hour
Length of hospitalisation: usually conducted on a day case basis
Price: 7.800 - 25.000 CZK
Example of price estimate

The price depends on the technique, scope and complexity of the procedure and it includes the following:

  • Consultation with plastic surgeon: deducted if the procedure is undergone
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Surgery procedure 
  • Postoperative care package

The price only includes services as shown above. If a combination of procedures is necessary, based on the initial consultation, the Clinic will present and explain a proposed scope of the intervention including a price plan.

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