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What is a Acti-Biotic

Ericson Laboratoire developed a highly effective treatment method, Acti-Biotic, that addresses combination, oily and acne-prone skin.

Powerful active ingredients were also added to this skincare product range to offer specific actions:

  • Purification, detoxification
  • Anti-hormonal action and anti-seborrhoeic action
  • Stimulation of the skin’s natural antibiotics
  • Mattifying action for shiny skin


How is the Acti-Biotic cosmetic treatment performed

First, a thorough and gentle cleansing of the eye area, entire face, neck and décolleté is performed. This is followed by the application of a scrub with an anti-inflammatory effect and extraction of comedones by means of ozone. Application of concentrated sera according to needs together with a long and gentle facial massage. After the massage, a healing mineral mask is applied, followed again by the application of concentrated sera. The entire ritual ends with a light massage.

Main active substances

IRIS CYTOBIOL – Complex of iris rhizome extract and a metal zinc solution. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-flare effect.

PHYCOSACCHARIDE AC – Marine-derived oligosaccharide associated with zinc. Powerful anti-seborrhoea action.

ACNET – Antihormonal and anti-inflammatory effect.

Evermat – Active ingredient containing an extract from an African tree (Enantia Chlorantha) and oleanolic acid.

Biodextrol – Biotechnological active ingredient. It is a regulator of the hormonal activity of the sebaceous glands.

Other active substances

Salicylic acid – Keratolytic action

Glycyrhetinic acid – Anti-inflammatory

Iris + Zinc – Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

Green Clay – Inhibits bacterial proliferation

E.O. (thyme, pine, burdock, nettle) – Healing, soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory 

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 90 minutes
Price: 1.790 CZK

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