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What is a GenXskin

The most natural way of skin rejuvenation by efficient gene targeting. With ageing, the activity of the genes that are responsible for the production of substances that are important for the firmness, elasticity and quality of the skin decreases. In its GenXskin range, Ericson Laboratoire comes with Matrigenics 14G, a natural active substance which stimulates the genes themselves. It thus improves the skin quality, has an antiageing effect, smoothes wrinkles, naturally evens skin tone and neutralizes free radicals. This unique concept includes, inter alia, a 3D bio-cellulose mask used in medicine for burn healing.

How is the GenXskin cosmetic treatment performed

First, a thorough and gentle cleansing of the eye area, entire face, neck and décolleté is performed. This is followed by a peel by means of a softening sugar scrub and a long dynamic firming facial massage. Then a highly concentrated lifting serum and a repair mask are applied. After this combination of treatments, a 3D bio-cellulose mask, as well as a serum of your choice are applied. The entire ritual ends with a light massage and a topical filler application for optical wrinkle correction. 

Main active substance

MATRIGENICS 14G – This substance resulting from the latest research in biotechnology, is an active substance extracted from a brown macro-alga (Undaria Pinnatifida). It brings an immediate stretching and firming effect. The effectiveness of the preparations has been demonstrated by scientific studies.

Other active substances

Blueberry extract – Tones the skin tissue

Edelweiss extract – Anti-free radical

Baobab oil – Nourishes and soothes the skin

Annatto oil – Strengthens skin elasticity

Tritisol – Powerfully tightening and firming effect 

Osilift – Lifting effect

Shea butter – Moisturizes and softens the skin

Voluform – Firming, volumising, moisturising, soothing and oxygenating effect

ODA White – Brightening action

Lumiskin – Lightening agent

Organic corn powder – Nourishing and firming

Bioavailable Calcium – Promotes cell metabolism

Ronaflair – Velvety effect

Ultra Filling Sphere – Strong hygroscopic effect. Plumping

Cellulose nanofibres – Hydrating effect

Fucogel – Immediate hydration effect

Menyanthes hydrofiltrate – Enhances collagen synthesis and restores firmness and tone to the skin

Magnolia bud extract – Antioxidant, softening properties, improves microcirculation

Aquaxyl – Moisturizing and skin restructuring effect

Shea butter – Softens the skin and protects it

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 90 minutes
Price: 2.350 CZK

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