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What is a Perfection

The Perfection natural cosmetic treatment helps to lighten the skin and regulate its pigmentation. At the same time, it moisturises, regenerates, nourishes the skin and helps it to heal.

A new method to regulate pigmentation

Many cosmetic products use a traditional method which acts on the upper layers of the skin. The innovation of the solution of Ericson Laboratoire lies in the fact that we go back as far as possible in the biological pigmentation chain by working at 2 levels.

We re-route the cellular messengers which produce pigments.

How is the Perfection cosmetic treatment performed

First, a thorough and gentle cleansing of the eye area, entire face, neck and décolleté is performed. This is followed by an application of a scrub with a lightening effect and then a melano-stop serum along with a long and relaxing facial massage. After completing the massage, an application of a mask regulating skin pigmentation and of a depigmentation serum follows. The entire ritual ends with the application of a protective cream and a light massage.

Main active substances

O.D.A.white® (octadecene acid) is obtained via bio-fermentation from natural oleic acid of plant origin.

LUMISKIN® containing a natural molecule, diacetyl boldine, derived from the bark of the Chilean “Boldo” tree. This substance has demonstrated lightening properties due to its very innovative action before the process of tyrosinase regulation.

Other active substances

Flower acid – Exfoliating and hydrating properties

Algowhite – Inhibits the synthesis and darkening of melanin

Grape extract – Exfoliating and lightening effect

Kendi oil – Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E

Sequoia buds extract – Stimulates collagen synthesis; regeneration and hydrating properties

Azeloglycine – Keratolytic and depigmentation properties

Rosehip extract – Lightening properties and anti-ageing effect

AA2G – Inhibits the action of tyrosinase, a lightening effect

White birch cryobuds – Nutrient concentrate with regenerative and revitalizing properties

White oak extract – Protection and revitalizing effect

Montmorillonite clay – Remineralizing, absorption, healing and antiseptic properties

Geranium essential oil – Anti-inflammatory, astringent effect

White mulberry extract – Depigmentation effect through inhibition of melanogenesis

Wild blackberry extract – Causes discoloration of melanin in the stratum corneum, antioxidant

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 90 minutes
Price: 2.200 CZK

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