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What is Vanquish

The purpose of the treatment by Vanquish is to slim down the treated area, such as the abdomen and hips, or the thighs. Radio frequency causes water molecules of the target area to vibrate. This generates friction causing the temperature within the tissue to rise which, in the case of treatment by Vanquish, causes the apoptosis of fat cells in the treated area. The decay products of these cells are then evacuated from the body by the immune system (mainly by the lymph). For this reason, lymphatic drainage is advisable as a follow-up treatment to speed up the entire process.


1 session...........CZK 2,500

4 sessions...........CZK 6,500

8 sessions.........CZK 12,500

Who is a good candidate for the treatment

Vanquish is a solution for everyone who wishes to shape their problem areas quickly, efficiently and without “yo-yo effect”. The treatment also causes the skin to stretch and reduces cellulite of the treated areas because it boosts collagen production.

Before the procedure

If you consider treatment by the Vanquish device, please feel free to contact us to book an appointment. Before the treatment itself, you will undergo a brief initial consultation where the procedure and the principle of action of the device will be explained to you. During the consultation, you can ask any questions, in particular those related to the course of the treatment, as well as to your expectations.

How is the treatment by the Vanquish device performed

The treatment is performed in the relaxation room by means of a Vanquish radio frequency device and the entire procedure, including preparation, takes 90 minutes. During the procedure, you will be in a lying position, so that the applicator may be placed above or around the target area and you should not touch the device. During the treatment (10-minute cycles), it is necessary to avoid movement so that the energy of the machine may act as needed. Throughout the treatment, certified staff will be there with you to supervise the entire procedure and adjust the performance of the device according to how you feel. 

It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids – preferably water – on the day before the treatment, on the day of the treatment and on the day after it. 

After the procedure

The procedure is usually well tolerated. Immediately after the procedure and on the next day, the body may be more sensitive to the strain, even e.g. to ingested alcohol. General fatigue and thirst can also appear. It is recommended to adapt physical activity as appropriate. Although sports are generally positive and suitable to complement this method, it is better to exercise on the next day after the treatment. Fluid intake, preferably water, is important not only before, but also after the conducted treatment. As an option (depending on the location), lymphatic drainage is advisable (to accelerate the drainage of the fat decay products from the body).

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 90 minutes
Longevity of procedure results: permanent unless there is an increase in body weight
Price: 2.500 - 12.500 CZK

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