Biological liposuction of the thighs


What is a biological liposuction

The purpose of the procedure is a fine reshaping of the thighs However, this method can also be used for shaping the arms, the tummy and the hips or parts of the face, such as the jowls, the fat pockets under the eyes and the double chin.

Biological liposuction is a revolutionary novelty from Italy that removes fat cells from the body in an entirely safe, painless and permanent manner. It involves the injection of the Fat Normalize solution from Natinuel that causes a controlled “death” of the fat cell (apoptosis). The cell then leaves the body along with the cell wall and the cell envelope. It thus represents an unprecedented and a breakthrough method. It is the only method comparable to surgical removal (liposuction). In conventional lipolyses by injections, the cell content, i.e. fat, was dissolved but the shell survived. Hence, the cell shrank but it was not evacuated from the body.

The apoptosis of fat cells (apoptosis is a directed and controlled death of fat cells) is induced by injecting a mixture of a high concentration of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and iron in the adipose tissue in areas that we want to slim down. It is a directed and controlled process that in fact is programmed in a highly physiological manner. Human life is a path leading from birth to death and the same applies to the cells. The process of controlled apoptosis which ends the life of the fat cell naturally, but sooner and faster, relies on a similar principle.

Who is a good candidate for the treatment

Biological liposuction is suitable for everyone who wants to fight fat in problem areas without surgery in a reliable and safe manner.

Before application

If you consider biological liposuction, it is always necessary to undergo an initial consultation with a physician, unless you are a regular client of the GHC Dermatology Department. The dermatologist will examine you, evaluate the indication for the treatment and the skin condition, hear your expectations, recommend the most suitable course of action and suggest treatment alternatives, if available.

How is the treatment performed

Biological liposuction is conducted in the doctor's office. Injection needles used during this treatment are very thin and the application is virtually painless; it is usually performed without local anaesthesia. In highly sensitive individuals, a numbing cream may be used. The duration of the application itself (Fat Normalize or Fat Normalize Body) depends on the size of the treated area.

After application

The procedure should result in progressive slimming of the treated area within a few days already; fat loss continues progressively for approximately 2 – 5 weeks. Well-balanced diet and sufficient fluid intake are recommended (2 – 2.5 l/day). Exercising including swimming is usually possible already 3 days after the application. If bruises appear at the treated site, it is appropriate to avoid sunbathing until they are completely resolved. During exposure to the sun, the treated site should be protected by a sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Length of procedure: 30 - 60 minutes
Length of hospitalisation: it is performed on a day case basis
Price: from 38.500 CZK

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