CO2 laser treatment


What is a CO2 laser

By its rays, the CO2 laser warms up and regenerates the skin, in which collagen production is restored. At the same time, minor skin formations are removed. In case of skin growths, even a large number of formations can thus be quickly and easily removed.

Who is a good candidate for the treatment

CO2 laser is used to vaporise the skin formations (e.g. certain types of inactive pigmented moles, fibrous growths or other skin protrusions), to perform "laser resurfacing" or "laser peeling" of the skin during which dot-like vaporisation occurs of a very fine surface skin layer, most often of the face. The purpose of procedure is to achieve, after healing, a correction of a cosmetic defect and, in the case of a treatment of larger areas of the skin, skin repair and its general rejuvenation.

Before the treatment

If you consider a treatment by the CO2 laser, it is always necessary to undergo an initial consultation with a physician, unless you are a regular client of the GHC Dermatology or Plastic Surgery Department. The physician will examine you, evaluate the indication for the treatment and the skin condition, hear your expectations, recommend the most suitable course of action and suggest treatment alternatives, if available.

How is the treatment by the CO2 laser performed

The procedure takes place in the dermatology surgery office. After the application of a numbing cream on the skin (10 – 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the treatment), the procedure itself is performed. The client wears eye protection during the procedure. 

After the procedure

During the procedure, the client may experience a nipping or, possibly, a burning sensation; after the procedure, a sensation of heat in the treated area which usually does not last for more than 24 hours. Swelling may occur at the treatment site; the treated area may flare. After skin growth removal, scabs are formed at the site of the procedure. The treatment of larger skin areas leaves behind tiny dots which gradually turn into small scabs. Depending on the size of the treated site and the patient´s pace of healing, scabs usually fall off within 5 – 14 days. 

Length of procedure: 30 - 120 minutes
Length of hospitalisation: it is performed on a day case basis
Price: 5.500 - 12.000 CZK

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