Preventative dentistry

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The Dental Department of the GHC Clinic Prague comprises a number of specialists who provide their clients high-quality private dental care, including regular dental preventative checks during which the dentist,  carefully checks your mouth and explains the best options for maintaining or achieving healthy, strong and perfect teeth.

Comprehensive dental care is suitable for both adults and children since timely diagnosis and treatment facilitate achieving good outcomes.

Some of our clients may opt for local anesthesia for their dental treatment which provides for painless treatment. For large interventions or fearful patients, analgosedation might be an option to reduce anxiousness. Do not hesitate to share your concerns with you dentist and make use of this option. 

What is analgosedation

Analgosedation is a state induced by a combination of analgesics (pain killers) with sedatives (calming substances). Analgosedation causes numbness similar to light sleep and the patient does not feel any fear or stress. You don´t feel any pain but, at the same time, you are able to react to the dentist´s instructions and, therefore, are able to cooperate which is necessary during dental treatments. You are not aware of the intervention after you wake up.

Length of procedure: 60 min.
Length of hospitalisation: performed in an out-patient setting
Price: 900 - 1.500 CZK
Example of price estimate
Initial dental consultation 950 CZK
Comprehensive initial dental examination 1.050 CZK

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