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Innovation for anyone who refuses to accept the possible fatal consequences of hereditary excessive build-up of fat in the body!

The most physiological and safe way to lose weight. It guarantees a progressive release of excess fat and toxins contained therein. It provides visible results without straining the body. This dermocosmetics acting on the genes also help those, for whom losing weight is very difficult.

How is the Genetix Slim cosmetic treatment performed

At first, a slimming lipoactive scrub is applied to the whole body by a pleasant massage which removes dead skin particles. This is followed by an application of a slimming and firming serum with a strong lipolytic effect. After that, you can enjoy a long and relaxing full body massage, after which we apply a thermal mask with a drainage and a firming effect. The session continues with a relaxing and thermal full body wrap and the whole ritual ends with a light relaxing massage of the entire body.

Main active substance


It stimulates the genes regulating the metabolism of fat cells, suppresses their build-up and activates their combustion. It enhances the transfer of free fatty acids from fat cells to peripheral muscles.

Other active substances

Native Marine Collagen – For skin lifting and hydration.
Blueberries – Rich in vitamin C, toning and anti-ageing properties.
Pomegranate – Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory effect.
Ginkgo Biloba – Protects the veins, anti-inflammatory and draining effect.
Aloe Vera – Intensively moisturises the skin.
Caffeine – Lipolytic effects, inhibits phosphodiesterase and enhances the release of fatty acids from adipocytes.
Ginseng – Firming active ingredient.
Pineapple – Rich in bromelain, as well as exfoliating and keratolytic enzymes
Lemon – Antiseptic properties, anti-free radicals and exfoliating action
Papain – Proteolytic enzyme, mild exfoliating effect.
Tangerine – Regenerating and brightening effects.
Orange peel powder – Rich in phytonutrients, flavonoids, vitamins A and C.
Date Powder – Exfoliating action, removes dead cells, smoothes skin microrelief.
Horse Chestnut – Calming effect, protects veins, increases elasticity of capillary walls.
Ruscus – Venotonic, anti-swelling, soothing and draining effect.
Hibiscus – Antioxidant, remineralizing and moisturising effect.
Guarana – Rich in caffeine, lipolytic effects.
Spirulina – Contains vitamins A, B, E and essential fatty acids, protects collagen and elastin fibres.
Green Tea – Antioxidant, stimulates microcirculation.
Lotus – Antioxidant, soothing effects.

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 90 minutes
Price: 2.450 CZK

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