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“Ultrasound” body remodelling

Cellulit´vib is a new shock treatment that comes from Ericson Laboratoire and features an “ultrasound” effect. The ultrasound effect is obtained through the action of a “triggering” phyto-complex capable of breaking the bonds responsible for the formation of clumps of fat cells and their incrustation under the skin. This slimming effect is maintained and boosted by the action of a drainage lipolytic complex that burns and discharges the released fat.


  • Detachment of adipocytes
  • Burning the released fatty acids
  • Draining the waste


A complete slimming treatment, Cellulit’VIB is also recommended to potentialize and prolong the effects of beauty parlour ultrasound therapy sessions.

Cellulite results from a series of physiological imbalances:

  • Fat cell congestion
  • Partitioning of adipocytes
  • Circulatory problems
  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammatory reactions


The development of cellulite is promoted by a sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet and daily stress. Slim or round, very few women are spared. Overdevelopment of fat cells leads to dysfunction of the adipose tissue with the appearance of cellulite.

The ultrasound revolution in anti-cellulite treatment

Ever since it has been used for aesthetic reasons, ultrasound has been a recognised part of slimming methods. Continually seeking to improve efficacy, Ericson Laboratoire has succeeded in incorporating the great vibratory power of ultrasound in new, high-tech slimming formula, capable of targeting the correction of fatty masses.

Cellulit’VIB is a high-precision remodelling treatment which combats fat deep down and smoothes surface cellulite.

How is the Cellulit VIB cosmetic treatment performed

First, a localised treatment of stretch marks and capillaries is performed, after which a powerful thermoactive serum for intense fat burning and reduction of cellulite is applied. For a more intense burning, this is followed by a dynamic massage by a special slimming roller and application of a slimming and draining gel. The session continues with a draining massage and ends with a pleasant slimming wrap.

Main active substances

PHYTOSONIC – Phytocomplex with an “ultrasound effect”.

Phytosonic is based on new anti-cellulite technology: cell lysis under ultrasound.

LEGACTIF – Active draining substance.

Legactif is a combination of 3 plant extracts: Solidago, Lemon and Ruscus. Through its high concentration of flavonoids (hesperidin and naringin) and polyphenols (rutin), Legactif: stimulates the skin’s microcirculation; improves capillary elasticity; promotes anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous decongestive action.

DELIPIDOL: Lipid release agent.

Delipidol is a unique patented molecule, obtained through biotechnology. It is a combination of punicic acid: omega 5, obtained from grape seed oil, grenadine and tyrosol, extract of olive oil. 

LIPOCARE – Fat-burning coenzyme.

Bupleurum chinensis and caffeine strongly stimulate lipolysis (+1064%). 

Other active substances

Extracts of green tea, ivy, ginseng, guarana, horse chestnut, red vine
Essential oils of rosemary, cedar, cypress, grapefruit, methylnikotinate (rubefacient)

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 90 minutes
Price: 1.950 CZK

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