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Slimming, exfoliation, deep cleaning, drainage

The originality of this treatment lies in two different ways of using the Guérande salt: first, exfoliation (removal of the upper layers of dead cells from the skin surface) by means of the Exfoliant Osmo-Thermy product is performed. This is followed by a thermal body wrap with the used of Osmo-Thermy Cellulite, Drainage and Energy products.

Osmo-Thermy Exfoliant is a body scrub containing natural salts. It contains Guérande fine salt. Besides being a rich source of minerals, these salt crystals with a size less than 1 mm are extremely gentle to the skin. This treatment is also enriched with trace elements in the form of oligosalts. It is a powder preparation whose structure is even finer than that of the salt. After it is mixed with massage oil, it melts on the skin and produces a gentle exfoliation effect which helps restore the level of minerals without irritation of the skin tissue.

Ideally, a treatment with Osmo-Thermy Exfoliant should precede all types of body care to remove dead skin cells and toxins, while also unclogging the pores so that the active ingredients can optimally penetrate the skin. The product should not be applied to damaged or cracked skin or immediately after hair removal.

How is the Osmo Thermy cosmetic treatment performed

First, by a gentle massage, salt scrub is applied to the entire body, followed by a drainage body wrap of the feet and calves. A cellulite wrap is applied on the thighs and belly and an energy wrap is applied on the bust, arms and the back. The session continues with a strong detoxifying and relaxing wrap and the whole ritual ends with a light massage of the entire body.

Main active substances

For the Guérande salt, extraordinary efficacy was also demonstrated when applied in the form of a body wrap. In combination with an electric blanket, the three Osmo-Thermy body wraps for the treatment of cellulite, drainage and energy trigger intensive sweating and thus a major cleansing of the skin tissue. They are therefore a useful resource in the fight against “soft” cellulite and poor circulation. Furthermore, the treatment uses osmosis to boost ion exchange and allow the body to top up its level of minerals based on its specific needs.

Flower or fruit powder extracts with slimming, draining and toning properties

Petals of cornflower, marigold and elderberry

Other active substances

Rosewood – Regenerates skin tissue.
Bergamot – Unclogs and cleanses the skin.
Chamomile – Antispasmodic, mild sedative.
Lemon – Anti-stress.
Cypress – Venotonic vasoconstrictor, against swollen and heavy legs.
Juniper – Diuretic, facilitates the excretion of uric acid.
Geranium – Anti-cellulite, anti-diabetic, adstringent, toning and antiseptic effects.
Lavender – Healing, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, effective against pruritus.
Pine – Stimulating, antiseptic, vasoactive properties.
Peppermint – Cooling effect, energizing, stimulating, decreasing sensitivity.
Orange – Calming and re-balancing, contributes to good mood.
Grapefruit – Effectively fights cellulite, anti-water retention effect, relieves muscle tension.
Sandalwood – Diuretic, toning, adstringent effect.
Tea tree – Stimulating, toning, healing, cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect.
Ylang Ylang – Antiseptic effect, fights depression, drains the connective tissue.

Branch of procedure: Beauty salon
Length of procedure: 90 minutes
Price: 2.100 CZK

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