24-hour ECG monitoring

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention / Imaging methods

It is used for a 24-hour ECG monitoring during which the data are collected by means of an electrode and a recording device. It is an entirely non-invasive test which allows to evaluate the heart rhythm and heart rate variability, as well as to detect cardiac arrhythmias, conduction disorders, significant pauses and any presence of the coronary heart disease throughout a regular day. The twenty-four hour Holter ECG monitoring starts by placing sensing electrodes on your chest and connecting them to the recorder which will then be either attached to your belt or worn in a small shoulder bag. You will be instructed how to properly wear the device during the monitoring and how to keep a diary of your daily activities. On the next day, the device and the electrodes will be removed and the results of the measurements will be evaluated.

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Length of procedure: 24 hours
Length of hospitalisation: without hospitalization
Price: 2.800 CZK

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