Holter monitoring of blood pressure – 24-hour monitoring

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention / Imaging methods

It is used for a 24-hour monitoring of the blood pressure and pulse or, alternatively, to check the treatment effectiveness of the client. Data are collected by a special small digital blood pressure monitor with a memory. A measuring cuff is attached to the arm and connected to the small device by a tube. The cuff is automatically inflated and deflated. When analysing the results, the impact of physical activity, sleep etc. are taken into account. It is also possible to identify maximum and minimum pressure values in the past 24 hours. As opposed to a measuring in a clinical setting, this procedure allows to eliminate the impact of the presence of a doctor on the blood pressure (the white coat syndrome). The twenty-four hour Holter monitoring of blood pressure allows to positively establishing hypertension (high blood pressure) including its severity or, on the contrary, to detect blood pressure dips (hypotension).

Hypertension is a risk factor of heart diseases (in particular heart attack), but also of a cerebrovascular accident (stroke).

Length of procedure: 24 hours
Length of hospitalisation: without hospitalization
Price: 1.500 CZK

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