Physio training

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

What is a personal physio training

A personal physio training is a personal training with a twist. This type of physical activity combines the approach of physiotherapy with that of a fitness workout. This generates unique tailor-made healthy and corrective exercising with individual goals which are primarily based on a kinesiology diagnosis and are set on the basis of mutual agreement between the therapist/trainer and the client.

Elements of sensorimotorics, the Kabat method, postural therapy or developmental kinesiology etc. are used.

The physio training is a concept when, based on the results of a detailed locomotor system assessment (posture, quality of movement) and a fitness evaluation, specific corrective exercises are used so that the client reaches the goals that were set together with him or her. Natural movement is used along with a focus on the activation of the core (the centre of the body) and balance improvement. For this purpose, we use, for example, exercises on unstable surfaces. The main objective is to promote and develop in the client the ability to perceive and understand his or her own body.

Whom is it intended for

Starting up the correct mechanisms of the locomotor system is the essence of the prevention of sports injuries (or it allows to adequately addressing post-traumatic and postoperative conditions). The physio training and its principles help clients in the prevention of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The physio training is intended for anyone who favours an active approach to their health. The physio training can relieve the pains of the musculoskeletal system, allow the client to resume active sports activities after an injury or a surgery, but it can also compensate for unilateral strain in non-athlete clients.

This program is also recommended to athletes and not only to them, after injuries or surgeries, to whom it will allow to resume an active lifestyle without pain. Furthermore, the program is suitable for physically active clients who would like to prevent musculoskeletal disorders stemming mainly from overloading the musculoskeletal system. In short, it is intended for those who wish to exercise in a manner that would really make sense and bring the right benefits.

Before the starting the training

Before starting the training program, a physiotherapist completes a kinesiological diagnostics which is part of the program and on the basis of which the program parameters such as the client´s goals, the training frequency and any additional recommendations for additional methods and physical activities etc. are set.

Of course, before the start of each program, the client's vision and expectations are discussed. On the basis of the discussion and the subsequent diagnostics, the goals of the joint efforts are set.

What does the training include

The introductory part includes a warm-up and mobilisation of the joints, correction of muscular imbalances (most often a stretching and relaxing of muscle groups that are tense and shortened) or other therapeutic interventions such as re-education of motorial stereotypes and the activation of the core (the centre of the body).

MAIN PART – It is always focused individually on what needs to be improved and strengthened (again, in relation to the muscle imbalances) and it is always in accordance with the client's goals.

RELAXATION PART – Each training includes a few minutes of relaxation, as well as stretching, if necessary.

After the training

After the physio training, the client feels good, may experience mild pain after the strain but this will stop after 2–3 days. Due to the final part of the session, he or she feels relaxed and stretched in a pleasant manner. The focus of the sessions may vary according to the needs of the client – fitness, relaxation, mobilisation, etc. Contraindications are the same as with regular exercise (in a fitness club etc.). Since the exercise takes place under professional supervision of a physiotherapist, the range of clients may be greater than that of a conventional personal training (clients with functional limitations, with lifestyle diseases after injuries, surgeries...

Personal physio training 60 min.           CZK 1,600

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