Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

The incidence of psychiatric disorders increases with increased stress in the population. Most commonly, different types of neurosis, increased anxiousness, fear and tension, frequent mood swings and different dependency types are seen.

In addition, we see increasing numbers of patients with eating disorders - anorexia and bulimia nervosa. The highest increase is reported in psychosomatic disorders involving both mind and body when a mental cause translates into a variety of physical symptoms. Panic attacks are also common. They are represented by an extremely increased anxiety accompanied by an array of physical symptoms (breathing difficulties, breathlessness, pounding heart, feeling of dying, sweating and dizziness).

The psychiatrist looks into the reasons for mental state changes and decides what treatment to use. He/she may prescribe antidepressants, anxiety drugs or neuroleptic medication. The psychiatrist usually bases his/her judgment on psychological tests performed by the psychologist.

The price of psychiatric assessment comprises 4 000 CZK.

The price of a follow-up assessment comprises 2 000 CZK.

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