General practitioner and family doctor

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

The general practitioner ensures the first contact with the patient when dealing with his/her problems, performs basic diagnostic tests, draws blood, etc. The general practitioner follows the treatment or refers the patient for further necessary assessments. However, there is often no room for any additional questions or an in-depth examination of the situation in the common state practice that would provide the patient with more insight into his/her health issue.

Therefore, these services can be provided by our facility. We can help you if you need to have some issue explained in detail, if you want to consult the results of you lab tests or discuss e.g. your discharge summary in more detail.

If you have a health issue and don´t know where to make an appointment, the general practitioner of the GHC Clinic Prague is the first point of care where your health issue could be assessed and a further course of action proposed.