Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Urology is a medical field that deals with the diseases of the urinary tract. These are different types of renal disorders, diseases of the ureter, urinary bladder and urethra. In men, they also comprise diseases of the prostate and in both sexes, troubles with urinary incontinence. Repeated infections of the urinary tract, stones in the urinary system, an urge to urinate frequently due to the enlarged prostate, renal or prostate cancer or a narrowed urethra belong to the most frequent diagnoses. For examination, ultrasound or an abdominal CT scan are used. The examination of urinary chemical values, sediment, and urine bacteriological and cytological examination are also performed. If you have complaints concerning renal pain or pain in the hypogastrium, have pain when urinating, suffer from frequent urinary infections or renal colic contact the specialists of the GHC Clinic Prague.

The urologist is also the most suitable physician to perform minor surgical procedures like circumcision, frenuloplasty, hydrocele or spermatocele surgery.

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